The Dominic Morrogh Trust


The Dominic Morrogh Trust was set up to give Dominic the best possible quality of life. We rely on fundraising and generous financial donations to provide him with the comfort and dignity he needs and deserves.

The trust is led by a small team of friends and family who came together to support Dominic, with support from the wider community..

Acquired Brain Injury

Dominic suffered an acquired brain injury as a result of his accident in 2011.

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is brain damage caused by events after birth. It can result in cognitive, physical, behavioural or emotional impairments, leading to a change in functioning. These impairments result from either traumatic brain injury (e.g. physical trauma to the head) or non-traumatic (e.g. stroke or infection). 

ABI is a complex injury that can have widely varied effects. No two people can expect the same outcome or resulting difficulties. The brain controls every part of human life; when the brain is damaged, some part of the person's life will be adversely affected.  

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury like Dominic's varies depending on the injury and the individual. It can be seen months, or even years after the initial injury. Brain injury doesn't just affect individuals; it transforms the lives of entire families.

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Treatment and Therapy

Dominic's friends, family and supporters are relentless in their commitment to his wellbeing. Find out more about the variety of treatment he's receiving and why it's so important to his recovery.

More information on treatment can be found here.